Beauty Basics

Beauty Basics

One of my resolutions for 2017 was to take more time for myself. Being a mom, everybody else comes first, all the time. And that is ok with me to a certain extent. But for 13 years I have been potty training, nursing sick kiddos and finding myself in my pjs more than I would like. The light at the end of the tunnel is coming and trust me, I know that will be a bittersweet day when I drop my baby off at kindergarten. Tears will be shed, some of sadness and others of sheer joy! Being able to go to an appointment or the grocery store alone is my idea of heaven. SERIOUSLY. I know you other mamas feel me here.

Ok back to taking more time for myself. I am pretty good to get up early and get to the gym. Those magic hours before the sun rises are my thinking times. Time to reflect and ponder what is working in my life and what needs some tweaking. Theres always room for improvement, am I right? So I decided I would basically try out just about every popular beauty trend out there to see if its right for me and maybe even right for you. Last year I did some microblading and was so happy with the results. This week I decided to give laser hair removal a try. Now I have to be honest, when people have told me they have done laser hair removal I had some mixed feelings.

First of all, does this mean you are too lazy to shave?

Or do you like to be in pain for no reason?

Doesn’t the hair just grow back?

Lastly, you are going to actually pay someone to zap your hair off….everywhere?!?!

Like I said, mixed feelings. However I have recently converted to tank-top-every-day-to-the-gym theory and there have been a few mornings where as I am doing seated shoulder presses, I realize (thanks to the ginormous mirrors) that I have once again forgotten to shave my arm pits. Nice, right? I’m sure all the dudes in the weight room love that. Whatever, who cares about them anyways.

So I was telling my cute friend Chelsey about this and she was like “Girl, why don’t you just take care of that for good? Get it lasered!

Well…this time I was thinking, “Sure, why not!” I decided I could just dip my toes in the laser hair removal pond. It wasn’t like I was doing my legs or bikini line, just my under arms, which is a much smaller area, so a little less scary. She referred me to one of Salt Lake City’s top med spas Trilogy Medical Center. She promised they would take good care of me.

So I decided to call in and make an appointment. When arriving to Trilogy I filled out an extremely detailed questionnaire about my medical history to make sure I was a good candidate. I had heard that when laser hair removal first came on the beauty scene, candidates needed to have very light skin in order for it to work. But today, thanks to recent technology, all skin tones can be treated with great results. After meeting their super friendly staff, it was go time. Sidenote: This office is so glamourous, kind made me feel like a movie star!

Beauty Basics

Once I got into the treatment room, I was met by my esthetician Alexa. She has been doing laser hair removal for over 3 years and pretty much can get rid of any hair you don’t like, so basically she is my new bestie. We got to put on these super cool shades (to protect our eyes from the laser) and a gown.

Beauty Basics


My first treatment was pretty painless. I actually started laughing so hard. This is probably because I am super ticklish in my under arms! The laser felt like someone was snapping an elastic band against my skin which was just the laser shooting beams of highly concentrated light into my hair follicles. The beams kill the follicles which in turn destroys the hair. After my short 5-minute treatment ( yes it literally took 5 minutes), I left a mild burning in my armpit region. But I had no scarring, no redness and no bumps. Pretty much the downtown is zilch, zero, nada. Which for a busy mama like me, is perfect!

Beauty Basics

Its been about 7 days since my treatment and I haven’t needed to shave once. I actually catch myself in the shower picking up the razor just out of habit. I cannot wait to go back in and have a second treatment. Trilogy suggests 2-3 treatments to get rid of all under arm hair. And thank goodness, because this lady loves her tank tops!

You can contact Trilogy Medical Spa and get a totally free consultation. Tell them Veggie Lisa sent you and receive 10% off any spa service.

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