Lisa helped direct me to a better way of eating and exercising for optimal health, wellness, and weight loss. When I stuck to her plan I lost 10 lbs.in 4 weeks, and lost inches in my tough areas that are normally hard to lose. I had more energy and felt healthy and strong. I did not feel deprived of food, in fact she encouraged to eat more often which was one of my biggest problems of going too long in between meals, or skipping meals.  I do not like meat in my diet so it was helpful to know what proteins I could use to replace meat and chicken. I am impressed by Lisa’s knowledge of foods and what they do for the body, and how to make foods work for me, not against me.  I have acquired some lifelong health tips and lifestyle changes, and a few of her secrets too. Thank you Lisa for giving me my healthy and energy back!!


Working with Lisa is FUN! Not only has she paid her dues and made the sacrifices necessary to reach her own personal goals, she wants you to be successful too! She has a passion for health and well being and truly wants to educate people to be able to see the best in themselves not only emotionally but physically as well! Lisa’s spunky, dedicated attitude is contagious!